BRUER Unleashes Heavy Debut EP ‘Mind Flay’

BRUER Unleashes Heavy Debut EP ‘Mind Flay’

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BRUER Unleashes Heavy Debut EP ‘Mind Flay’

A genre-defying talent transcending the typical confines of electronic music, BRUER pushes boundaries. Excelling in bass driven, high-energy, melodic feats, BRUER proves himself as quite the jack-of-all-trades. Following the highly successful release of lead single “Nasty,” BRUER excitedly unveils his debut EP, Mind Flay. Featuring four dynamic tracks, Mind Flay is out now.

Kicking off the Mind Flay EP is “Take You Higher,” a trap-heavy treat laced with BRUER’s signature sound design. Catchy vocal chops ride throughout in-your-face production from BRUER, as the producer gives a glimpse of what is yet to come from his face melting debut. Burgeoning with frenetic bass work, “Nasty” is BRUER at his artistic best. Featuring heavy 808s and nefarious percussive elements from its onset, “Nasty” casts a captivating spell on eager listeners. Textural bass and wonky harmonies best characterize this prime piece of production prowess, as BRUER flexes his hand at neck-breaking, mainstage bass sound.

Continuing his outing for blood, “Headshot” melds intricate trap beats with experimental bass. A tasteful meeting of two unique genres, BRUER creates a highly visceral experience through sound. Oscillating synth punches grab the reigns over wicked 808s, as Mind Flay finds itself near conclusion. Wrapping up BRUER’s debut is “What You Want,” a three-minute and thirty-three second whirlwind of dubstep and experimental bass. A truly unique debut, BRUER’s Mind Flay is an EP for the ages. Stay tuned for more from BRUER throughout the rest of 2021.

“The ‘Mind Flay’ EP is a rebirth of my sound and identity as BRUER. I wanted to evolve as an artist and make a statement. I had made a lot of this heavy melodic bass stuff but I had never done anything quite like this before. This felt new and exciting to me. It felt different. Producing music has always been about having fun and I felt the need to expand. This is the first chapter to that story.” – BRUER

Check out Mind Flay here, or stream it below on Spotify!

‘BRUER Unleashes Heavy Debut EP ‘Mind Flay’

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