Dave Matthews Band Welcomes Trombone Shorty In Charlottesville On This Date In 2010

Dave Matthews Band Welcomes Trombone Shorty In Charlottesville On This Date In 2010

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Dave Matthews Band concluded a two-night run at John Paul Jones Arena in their hometown of Charlottesville, Virginia 10 years ago today. DMB would welcome opener Trombone Shorty for “Corn Bread” during their 2010 Fall Tour closer.

The show was also the last before the band scaled back their touring schedule in 2011, which saw just a handful of shows on the DMB Caravan summer traveling festival. As such, there was very much a celebratory atmosphere. The concert kicked off with “You Might Die Trying” followed by “Proudest Monkey,” which contained a “Jeopardy Theme” tease from trumpeter Rashawn Ross before the band headed into the classic “Satellite.” A few tunes later, DMB welcomed guitarist and crew member Jeff Lawlor for “Rhyme & Reason.” Then, about halfway through the set, drummer Carter Beauford kicked off “Corn Bread” with a solo as DMB welcomed Trombone Shorty — completing the classic horn section of trumpet, saxophone (Jeff Coffin) and trombone — for a rowdy rendition of the song which saw Shorty tearing it up to kick off the solo section.

The set also included the classics “The Song That Jane Likes” and “Dancing Nancies” followed by a bust out of “Long Black Veil,” which had not been played by DMB since June 2008, as per DMB Almanac. The band closed out the set with the always well-jammed “Two Step” which included a “Time Bomb” intro and stretched to over 16 minutes. For the encore, Dave would emerge solo for a rendition of “Some Devil” dedicated to his wife and mother. The band joined back in for “Granny” ahead of a “#40” tease from Dave, which marked a substantial bust out at two and a half years. As the DMB.com Road Notes indicated, the band intended “The Last Stop” to be the final song of the evening but as they prepared to leave the stage, sensing that this may be the last time they played together for a while, DMB broke into more music (including a couple “Too Much” fake outs) and finally concluded the show with the classic closer, “Ants Marching.”

Watch DMB’s entire November 20, 2010 Charlottesville concert below via Copperpot-OEW5 for this edition of Full Show Friday:

Setlist (via DMB Almanac)

Set: You Might Die Trying, Proudest Monkey » Satellite, Say Goodbye, Funny the Way It Is, Rhyme & Reason, Eh Hee, Crush, Can’t Stop, Corn Bread, Digging a Ditch, Lying in the Hands of God, The Song That Jane Likes, Write a Song, Why I Am, Dancing Nancies » Long Black Veil, What You Are » Two Step

Encore: Some Devil, Granny, #40 [tease], The Last Stop, Too Much [fake] » Anyone Seen the Bridge » Too Much [fake] » Ants Marching

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