Coconut sugar, syrup, molasses … There is no shortage of white sugar substitutes that healthy food owners think naturally sweeten recipes. Most of them have stark differences: no one is going to confuse cocoa syrup. But when it comes to sheep and honey – two natural sweeteners always cultivated in healthy recipes – it’s not easy to tell both.

On the surface, the form of aloe vera and honey resembles them. Considering the cost you can get to store your store with healthy ingredients, it is helpful to understand whether you are actually buying for both – or if you think one is urging work done whenever. Keep reading to urge the delegate how aloe vera and honey are different from each other, and what a registered dietitian says about the health benefits of both.

Scroll down for everything you want to understand about agave versus honey.

How to make agave and honey

Before enlisting the RD to express the health benefits of both, it helps to understand exactly what Aloe Vera and Honey are actually and how they are made. Agave comes from the aloe vera plant, a succulent native from America, which produces sweet sap in its core. The plants are transferred to a facility where the sap is extracted through the pressure cooking process. After that, it is cleaned, packed and exported.

Honey, as you remember almost from your grammatical school days, is made up of bees. It starts with the flower nectar that collects bees and transports them to honey bees. There, the sugars became simple and stored. Then, the beekeeper collects the honey, filters it and packs it. Because bees play an important role in the production of honey, it is not considered a vegetarian food as is the case for flowers.

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Structurally, registered dietitian Dana Hones, PhD, MPH, RD says honey is closer to table sugar than agave. Table sugar (also known as sucrose) is formed from glucose and fructose. Aloe vera and honey both contain glucose and fructose, but Dr. Hans explains that the proportions of honey are closer to table sugar compared to agave agave, which is primarily fructose. This lesson in chemistry comes when entering the nutritional profile.

Does aloe vera and honey have any health benefits?

Just because honey resembles table sugar at a chemical level does not indicate that aloe vera is an automatically healthy option; Dr. Heinz says it is more accurate than that. “A very small dose – a teaspoon or so – may be healthier than table sugar because it is mostly fructose and therefore will not affect blood glucose levels as much as possible from simple old sugar, but fructose can make it contribute to liver disease Or increase the deposition of fat inside the body, “she says. While fructose is low in blood sugar, it can cause excessive weight gain.

As for honey, Dr. Honness says the main difference between sweetener and table sugar (and agave) is that it is associated with many health benefits. It is understood that honey is an anti-bacterial agent and may help heal the lining of the intestine, allergies and even acne, if applied topically. It also contains a high content of antioxidants, which indicates that it can help protect the body from disease. Manuka honey is known to be a powerful source of these benefits.

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Well, what should I buy

Since Agave cannot boast of the presence of equivalent superpowers, honey can be excreted by honey from above because the healthiest option, although it must still be noted that they are both sources of sugar at the top of the day and will be essentially treated and used in moderation. Dr. Heinz says: “From the strength of sweetness, both aloe vera and honey are sweeter than table sugar, and then you will consume less of it than table sugar.”

It also indicates that the taste of honey and agave is slightly different, as honey is characterized by the taste of flowers while the cactus is more neutral, so you will need to possess them to use them to achieve the taste file you are looking for, when cooking different foods.

But in general, in the battle of aloe and honey, this is often one battle where honey comes to the fore. Unless you’re a vegetarian, of course.