‘Hey, World!’

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Jason Fried, on an experimental blogging service Basecamp has built into their email service Hey:

So we set out to do it. To test the theory. And over the last few
weeks we built it into HEY, our new email service. We’re calling
the feature HEY World. This post you’re reading right now is the
world’s first HEY World post. And I published it by simply
emailing this text directly to [email protected] from my [email protected]
account. That was it.

For now, this remains an experiment. I’ve got my own HEY World
blog, and David has his. We’re going to play for a while. And, if
there’s demand, we’ll roll this out to anyone with a personal
@hey.com account. It feels like Web 1.0 again in all the right
ways. And it’s about time.

Speaking of Web 1.0, HEY World pages are lighting fast. No
javascript, no tracking, no junk. They’re a shoutout to simpler
times. Respect.

You can subscribe to a Hey World blog via email (of course) or RSS. Feels like simple stuff — like RSS — is experiencing a renaissance.