It is a great first time of the year when we meet up with people close to us to celebrate friendship, family and thus holidays.

The sun is out, the beach, and we feel keeping pace with Carol’s words or cricket skills in the backyard.

There is one event that tops all of this: the festive meal that brings family and friends to celebrate.

The barbecue is heated. The table features favorite grilled meats for families, vegetables, salads and desserts. And your thundering stomach! (We do not blame you).

When we close this year and look forward to 2020, holidays are the time to start building heart-healthy nutritional habits.

Read on for tips and recipes that will help you prepare great-tasting food your family will love. Best of all, these recipes take care of your heart too.


Before we give you the envy of the food, let’s check out the easy-to-follow tips and concepts on eating well on these holidays:

Consider how long the Christmas and the season last. It’s party time! At work, in college and reception mostly celebrated. Plus, there always seem to be invitations to stop with fun with family and friends.

Each group proudly boasts its own cooking carnival, and this wave of celebrations all lasts until Christmas and beyond, until New Year’s Day!

During this busy time, it is often difficult to track what, how much and how often to eat. Remember, vacations differ from the rest of the year: they may now indulge but make them an alternative to the year to urge a return to healthy eating habits.

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Add a healthy heart to your traditional Christmas recipes. When it comes to vacation foods, we are all our favorites. Perhaps you’ve been waiting all year for this extra help from your cousin’s famous Christmas dish.

If you are leading cooking for your family’s dinner, follow these easy-to-cook tips with a heart:

Use healthy oils and ingredients like nuts, seeds, avocado and olive oil

If you want a strong flavor, eat herbs, spices, citrus fruits, vinegar, and salt streaks

Eat more fish and seafood instead of processed meats (grilled meats, sausages, salami)

Add smaller portions of other animal products, such as milk, cheese, milk, eggs, poultry (chicken and turkey) and lean meats

Make fresh and delicious vegetables the star of the celebration list. Once you sit straight for your vacation meal, vegetarian food should build up most of your plate. How do you achieve this? Make sure to eat plenty of:

Fresh vegetables for salads are crisp, refreshing, colorful, which are perfect for our hot summer vacation

Whole grains including barley, rice, millet and oats

When it comes to dessert, don’t forget about summer fruits like mango, peach, nectar, cherry, peach and more

Vibrant and delicious Christmas recipes that are great for your heart too!

If you fend off invitations, and rush to shop for gifts and races to end the year of work, it is often difficult to plan a healthy meal for a vacation in the heart. Save some time by preparing a number of delicious food that features Christmas holidays: full of colors, full of flavors, great for your heart and Santa’s favorite too!

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Open green and red tart with lentil salad

Show off Christmas colors with this vegan tart. This starter is prepared in about half an hour and prides itself on full flavors, including garlic, mustard and lemon. In addition, it is full of healthy vegetables such as spinach, asparagus, lentils, capsicum and cucumber. Get a recipe.

Thai shrimp skewers with kaleslaw

Summer is the perfect time to enjoy fresh seafood. Match the modern sun with this delicious and exotic meal that shows juicy Australian shrimp. Along the side capsicum, pineapple and side of slaw, this meal starts your own gourmet party! Get a recipe.

Citrus breast with carrots and potatoes

It is not Christmas without Turkey! It may take just one hour on this side of the black stem with an hour spent organizing and cooking. The dish is also characterized by potatoes for children and carrots, thus the sweetness of honey and orange. Get a recipe.

Mini berries and yogurt

Everyone knows that Pavelova is the true Australian national dessert! Enjoy your holiday meal with this delicious delight with fresh summer berries. Get a recipe.