JamBase Top Albums Of 2020 Spotify Playlist

JamBase Top Albums Of 2020 Spotify Playlist

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One of the weekly highlights of an often challenging 2020 was knowing each Friday would deliver a new batch of albums. JamBase’s weekly Release Day Picks column picked up in 2020 in mid-January, weeks before the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, and continued highlighting the top new albums, EP, reissues and live records issued throughout the rest of the disrupted year.

The lockdowns and social distancing guidelines put in place in response to the pandemic all but shut down live music. While COVID-19 forced many album release dates to be changed, along with canceled tours and other disruptions, the rescheduling did not stop the release of many outstanding records throughout 2020.

The new releases that were selected for Release Day Picks were not the only albums we listened to this year. Surprise and otherwise under-the-radar albums came out on Fridays and often times other days of the week, keeping the new music flowing regardless of what it said on the calendar. Team JamBase also keeps a “Now Playing” Slack channel to share new music with each other and it remained steadily active with the sharing of new tunes as we dealt with being locked down in our home cities across the country.

This edition of Saturday Stream collects all of the albums selected for Release Day Picks available on Spotify into an all-encompassing Top Albums Of 2020 Playlist. In addition to Release Day Picks albums, also included are other new releases that were unannounced surprises or were issued on days other than release day Friday. The Spotify Playlist also contains the 2020 albums shared by members of Team JamBase in our “Now Playing” Slack channel.

From …And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead to Zach Gill, there are plenty of choice selections to either discover for the first time or spend more time listening to again. Beginning with The String Cheese Incident keyboardist Kyle Hollingsworth’s appropriately titled EP 2020 and continuing alphabetically by album title, stream the JamBase Top Albums Of 2020 Spotify Playlist below:

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