Most Google Apps for iOS Still Have No Privacy ‘Nutrition’ Labels

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Juli Clover, writing a week ago at MacRumors:

As of December 8, Apple has been requiring developers submitting
new apps and app updates to provide privacy label information that
outlines the data that each app collects from users when it is
installed. Many app developers, such as Facebook, have complied
and now include the privacy labels alongside their apps, but
there’s one notable outlier — Google.

Google has not updated its major apps like Gmail, Google
Maps, Chrome, and YouTube since December 7 or before, and most
Google apps have to date have not been updated with the Privacy
Label feature. […]

On January 5, Google told TechCrunch that the data would be
added to its iOS apps “this week or the next week,” but both this
week and the next week have come and gone with no update. It has
now been well over a month since Google last updated its apps.

One week later and still, none of Google’s flagship apps have privacy nutrition info. I don’t get it. Suck it up like Facebook did and put it out, not matter how bad it looks. And it’s not like Google was surprised by this requirement — Apple made it very clear at WWDC that this would be mandatory. They’ve had 7 months to prepare for this. What is going on here?

I’m curious too which other high-profile apps are out there that still haven’t submitted their privacy label information. If you spot any, let me know (send me an email, or reply to the tweet for this post).