Super-Spreader Wedding Party Shows COVID Holiday Dangers

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Karen Kaplan, science and medicine editor for The L.A. Times:

If you want to know why public health officials are so nervous
about how much worse the COVID-19 pandemic will get as the holiday
season unfolds, consider what happened after a single, smallish
wedding reception that took place this summer in rural Maine.

Only 55 people attended the Aug. 7 reception at the Big Moose Inn
in Millinocket. But one of those guests arrived with a coronavirus
infection. Over the next 38 days, the virus spread to 176 other
people. Seven of them died.

None of the victims who lost their lives had attended the party.

It sounds cold, but the attendees of that wedding killed those people. If you’re planning a “small” family get-together for Thanksgiving, it’s every bit as irresponsible as planning a “short” drunk drive.