Twiddle Concludes Vermont Livestream Concert Run

Twiddle Concludes Vermont Livestream Concert Run

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Twiddle concluded their livestream run from Vermont on Friday. The quartet delivered two all-original sets as well as an encore featuring Tears For Fears’ “Mad World.”

Twiddle’s fully segued first set consisted of songs from 2017’s Plump, Chapter 2 as well as unreleased tunes. Keyboardist Ryan Dempsey kicked off the set with the Plump Ch. 2 piano prelude “Enter” before the band headed into the album adjacent “Orlando’s” which saw guitarist Mihali Savoulidis adding some soaring solo work before drummer Brook Jordan dropped the band into the song’s groove section with slap bass from Zdenek Gubb. Mihali then led the band through some verses before Twiddle jumped back into a groove that featured some tasty organ work from Dempsey ahead of some more wild riffing by Mihali. The band then found their way into “Dinner Fork” and “Nicodemus Portulay,” with the latter containing a “find Frankenfoote” transmission, a reference to a song the band played the night previous. “The Fantastic Tale of Ricky Snickle” followed ahead of “Slippin’ In The Kitchen.” Twiddle returned to “Orlando’s” to close out the first frame.

Set two featured songs from the band’s 2011 album, Somewhere On The Mountain, as well as unreleased material. The set got underway with the album’s opening track “Daydream Farmer” which contained teases of “Find Your Cloud” by Papadosio. The band then found their way into the unreleased “Frends Theme” which saw the band throwing in elements of Phish’s “Divided Sky” and Dempsey busting out the keytar to put an exclamation point on things. The second set continued with an “Apples,” with “Ghostbusters Theme” tastes, which encompassed “Doinkinbonk” before closing out the set with “Earth Mama.” Twiddle would retake the stage for a cover of the 1982 Tears For Fears classic, “Mad World” to bring their Vermont livestream run to a conclusion.

Setlist (via Twiddle Facebook)

@Set One: Enter > Orlando’s > Dinner Fork > Nicodemus Portulay$ > The Fantatsic Tale of Ricky Snickle > Slippin’ In the Kitchen > Orlando’s

%Set Two: Daydream Farmer^ > Frends Theme & > Apples# > Doinkinbonk> Apples, Earth Mama

Encore: Mad World+


  • $ With a “find Frankenfoote” Transmission
  • ^ With Find Your Cloud by Papadosio Teases
  • & With Divided Sky Teases
  • # With Ghostbusters Theme tease
  • + Tears for Fears
  • @ Set One was all songs from Plump Ch.2 and unreleased songs
  • % Set Two was all songs from Somewhere On The Mountain and unreleased songs

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